Work With Customers Before You Write Any Code

Daina Burnes Linton @dainalinton FASHION METRIC

How do you test with customers before you build? Daina is going to talk about this with Fashion metric as an example.

If you truly identify a problem and you have a solution then customers will go through an inconvenient solution to solve it.

EXPLORE: Understand what the real problem is.
We thought people would have trouble trying to figure out what they wanted to buy. So we wanted to build an app where people could get a consultant help style them. So we talked to who we thought our customers have and asked them what was the biggest problem they have while shopping. No one said having trouble knowing what to buy. 90% of men said they ahd trouble finding clothes that fitted them right.

So used concierge process : We built a simple landing page, offered for them to get fitted and delivered their shirts and got feedback. We got on the phone and talked to our customers. We found that quantitive questions worked best for our customers. Before we wrote code we had learnt a lot.

BUILD: Just an elaboration on the landing page.
Measure 87% fit profiles, 30% submit emails
Learn Customers would provide data that we needed.
Then we built an “intelligence engine” but did not connect it to the store, bc we wanted to test if we could accurately predict a fit. When we proved we could predict this we had validated a tech build. Once we’d done that we finally built our first e-commerce platform.

Study customer behaviour to guide your development.

We found what drove our customers decisions:
- price-point
- fabric and quality
- service

Create opportunities to learn from your customers from Day 1.

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