Using Lean Startup to Do Plenty with Very Little

Kimberly Bryant from Black Girls CODE (nonprofit org established 2011).

Mission is to change the face of technology. We want to train one million girls of colour to code.

Motivated by the fact that Kimberly would go to meetings and be the only woman (as well as the only person of colour) and by the fact that her daughter spent time on the internet and she wanted it to be a productive time.

We created a pilot project with 6 students from middle school (our MVP).
Then we created a pilot class (12 students) and used agile methodology to update the curriculum on a daily basis. We tried all different languages and types of programming.We wanted to see what got girls interested.

But we ran out money and still had so much to do. So we went to the community for funding and created a Summer of Code we executed programs across the country as well as South Africa.

Then we had a pivot and went to a “chapter” model so that we could expand across the country and overseas.

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