Using lean principles to close the digital divide

Navarrow Wright. Technology is moving faster over time. The time that company that goes from an idea to a billion dollar idea is getting faster.

BUT there is a large demographic that is excluded from this opportunity
- less than 1% of startups are run by African Americans
- Digital literacy is key to any job you have today.

These under represented communities are losing. This effects all of us.

No one is answering the hard question. How do you get to the digital illiterate and create a spark to make them interested.

My first MVP was me. I wanted to find out WHY there was this digital divide. Why they weren’t interested when they saw the iPod ads liek everyone else.
-traveled the country speaking
-chose diff types of groups
-intimately engaged with audiences
allowed me yo gather data on what was needed.

Interviewed people after my talk. Participants said they’d never thought as tech as helping their life.

I found the “new divide” is about perception. Opportunities are there, but people don’t see them.

So I built a second MVP and I built Project Chicago.
- partnership with dev bootcamp and local church. 800 people attended an info session.

Proved: If you take this demographic and given them the perception that they can make a difference we can close that demographic divide.

Slides below:

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