Using Kickstarter to Run an MVP

Nikhil Arora @nikhilarora and Alejandro Velez @bttrventures from BACK TO THE ROOTS.

Our passion is connecting people to food. Our first product was mushroom kit and finding fun ways for people to connect with their food was calling.

Just last year we had launched Aquafarm. We weren’t sure if our customers would follow us from mushroom farming to poop-fish farming. So we wanted to know if customers would buy it, so we launched Kickstarter. Raised $250,000 in 30 days (average about $60). We also wanted tier 1 media, which we got. Then we needed to figure out if distributors- in this case, supermarkets – would sell our fish tank for us. Turns out they wanted to.


Viable: If you are successful you suddenly have a lot of orders to fulfil. You need to make sure that you have thought through all your components.

Just because your kickstarter community backs your packaging, you need to design for retail. Means a lot more visual, obvious what it is.

People ask was it worth it? We think so. Our backers are our loyal evangelists and they went through the journey with us.

Slides below:

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