Preparing for Catastrophic Success


Hyper growth is painful BUT you can make it suck more. It is a good problem to have.

It’s about team
When you talk about startups we know it’s all about the team. The real key to getting to hypergrowth is hiring, hiring and hiring (our hiring manager has to use 50% of their time hiring). Across the organisation is a hiring machine (it’s understood to be everyones job no 2).

It’s about Systems that make your business work:
- design system for growth (email, food, comms)
- But keep it lean; plan don’t build
- Don’t worry about the small stuff

The Hard Stuff

- Leadership (build vs buy decision) those who’ve been there the longest have the best context, but not a new perspective. Get help (executive coaches). Recommends the book “Managing Humans” ( we found the author and hired him!) He built a leadership vision for the company and helped create leaders among their staff. Build the capacity to be a leader early (give them two charges early). Train your leads to NOT be like bosses. they are communication nodes that helps reduce the chaos as you grow.

- Culture. Get it right early. It’s an emergent property of the people that you hire. Don’t think of early hires as just people who can do the job, they need to be able to grow the seed that you are planting. Enable cross-pollination – buy a video games, encourage communal meals, sports teams – low friction interaction so that people do things together.

- Indoctrinate. You want to give people a framework of that they are going to get into. How we work together, what we value etc.

Hypergrowth: FUN, DIFFICULT and Don’t be afraid if it hurts!

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