Opening remarks by Eric Ries


We’re off. Hashtag is #leanstartup

Eric on the state of the lean startup:

Our vanity metrics are strong – a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon. But they don’t tell the story!

Lean staartup is a community who want to change how innovation is done. What you take away determines what it is.

What are the questions and challenges? There is no way to quantify that work. It’s not about people getting famous doing Lean startup.

We need to ask ourselves what kind of companies we want to create. I ask people if they hate big companies (and often they want to leave and do their own thing) so much why are they working towards creating one? It comes down to all wanting the same thing - a shared vision for the kind of company we want to create. How do we seek out new sources of growth.? That is what  modern management is about – bringing together the best of general management and entrepreneurial management.

Startup is a human institution under uncertainty. Not a product.

The bumper sticker mottos (get out of the building) are not the important stuff, the important stuff is boring. The hard stuff.

Beyond the bumper stickers what does the modern company look like?

If an individual employee has an idea about how to improve efficiency, how does it get implemented? How do we test and see if it does?

In the next few days let’s feel the pain of people doing outstanding work that doesn’t actually create value! Let’s also challenge the orthodoxy of lean, let’s find what’s real.

The Startup Way.

The process bits of lean (Kanban etc) are not the enabler of change. We combine short term action with the long term vision of putting a dent in the universe.

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