Learning to Be an Organization that Pivots

Keya Dannenbaum @keyajay from ELECTNEXT

My advice: When it comes to entrepreneurship don’t follow your passion (it’s a myth from the reality & practice).

Myth of passion is that passion will follow you to success. Passionate love is like a drug (and you have a comedown). In love and startups we romanticize the addiction. It has to end.

Where myth confronts reality there is a crash and this is where you break up/burn out.

So the good news is there success, so we can get there. Dedicated practice is the slowly deeply rooted vine that hold the house together, long after the romance had dies.

Practice does not follow passion. You don;t need to get through passion to cultivate practice.
- Minimum VP
- Reducing Batch size
- innovation accounting

None of those sound like passion. This is dedicated practice which will lead you to steady progress.

Shorter cycle times, fear pivots less. Passion doesn’t disappear but it has a different trajectory where it serves as a foundation to keep our compasses pointing north. Be orientated by your original passion.

SEEK PRACTICE to channel your passion!

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