Lean Leadership Lessons

Brad Smith, Hugh Molotsi and Laura Fennell from INTUIT, INC.

How do you cultivate an environment of continuous innovation?

We do not subscribe to the theory of a genius at the helm. We’ve created an environment where our 8,000 employees are innovators.

Our continual goal: How can we help our employees “get to yes” as quickly as possible in innovation? The bottleneck is always at the top of the bottle.The mindset in need of changing, is often your own. Key element to innovation culture is unstructured time”

Q: How do you allocate resources to create innovation?

We take every product concept in the company and we determine where those ideas fall into our cycle. We use horizon planning for resource planning. The teams all work differently and you need to match skills to teams.
ATM our planning looks like: H1 60%, H2 30%, H3 10%.

Brad Smith says the single biggest thing you can do is paint a great challenge. Be more than a great communicator … a translator of dreams.

Create a vision and get the hell out of the way. Leave it to your team.

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