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Kent Beck from Facebook.

Good ideas are worthless bc someone else has figured that out. Bad ideas are great, because you have to figure out how to make them good.

Building as part of a build, measure, learn to me is worth it. You can’t just build for the sake of building.
I hate wasting my 3 billion seconds on the planet, but I hate more is that dogma sets in. As soon as you start being successful you stop believing what is true (Bc we all like pattern matching).

You program in a way and have success, then you do it again. What is worse is when you tell other people how to do it.

There is no one way to maximize learning.

Deep Dive with Kent Beck

Looking for next pivot; ie where is our next source of revenue needs to be done cleverly (small investment/hugee return – “happens rarely but I saved Facebook 5M once”).

You have two problems:
External learnings and internal learnings – you need both to continue to be successful.

As an engineer nothing beats that feeling that no one in the world can figure this out, but give me an hour and I can. But engineers waste a lot of opportunities resisting “boring” engineering. We need to be aware of this and be better engineers.

As classic engineers you were asked to make decisions way before you were ready to.
On the Jazzy side, you need to prove that someone is going to use a feature in an hour. You don’t have a week to prove things. It’s a “total cheat” doing shortcuts, but without validation then engineering is a waste of time. It’s time lost. I don’t care that it violates some things (it’s cheating without getting caught) but who cares, you have your answer.

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