Experimenting on Experiments–Bringing Lean Startup to Scientific Research


How a modern lab works.

Brian Frezza talking re innovation re Biotech.

Costs of Innovation in biotech highest across all industries.

To build a Single purpose lab (500k to $1M) Complete Lab (more than $10M)

Imagining Lean Research:
- Need to lower barriers to entry. (amortize fixed costs, democratize access)
- Faster iteration (minimizing experimentation onboarding times, mitigating troubleshooting)

All focussed on process itself. We need radical disruption. These are all costs in consumer’s pockets.
We created a Symbolic Laboratory Research.

“Symbolic Lab Language (SLL),” out of a need to maximize the effectiveness of their lean workforce. SLL, layered on top of the Mathematica programming language, standardizes protocols, controls instrumentation, parses experimental outputs, and presents and analyzes data. This allows Emerald’s scientists and engineers to control a large number of accurate and reproducible experiments at once.

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