How You Can Start the Next Zipcar


Robin Chase described her first version of ZipCar which involved people using a car parked out the front of her house, with the key left on her porch and all uses recorded on a piece of paper.

Conceptualising a lean company as a whole:
- leverage excess capacity
- want others to do the work

For us:
- You only use your car 5% of the time so there was this inherent capacity.
- We built a platform for participation ( we need to think of people not as consumers but as co-creators).

We are going from the old industrial economy to the participatory economy.

Peers incorporated (ying and yang value sharing)

What can we do with excess capacity?
1) Slice
2) Aggregate
3) open (eg. open data)

Robin Chase asks everyone to role model in your daily life to do something about climate change. We need to create platforms for participation to solve the problems of this world. We can use lean to iterate and scale really fast and make a difference.

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