How to Build the Product When You’re Not the User-and You Don’t Even Know Anybody Who’s the User

Alexis Ringwald @alexisringwald LEARNUP

Imagine yourself walking through a new neighbourhood and you experience something that moves you, a problem you want to solve (something you don’t come across in normal life). You believe you must address this problem, but there is doubt about your experience, you’r a different demographic, lack industry knowledge etc.

But you can overcome this challenge. What you need to do is build empathy. This is how I built a company to address unemployment.

Listening tour
- I spent six months hanging out in lines looking for unemployment benefits. I spoke to them about how they were feeling.

Talk to experts
- I reached out to experts and tried to learn from a high-level macro way what

Test in the field
- An early version (a clickable PDF) and got feedback about how they interacted with the solution.

Contact Us is not enough
- YOu need a continuous connection with your community.

Team Field Trips
- We go a as team and immerse ourselves in the reality of the problem we’re trying to solve.

Tackle the largest and unfamiliar problems and sometimes you’ll find you have the ability to make an impact. Build empathy!

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