Build a New Product, Infect a Whole Organization

Catherine Bracy  from Code for America fellowship, takes coders and helps them re-engage with citizens and the democratic process.

Requests came in to run the program across the world, so Code for All was born, bringing open source, lean tech etc to governments around the world to re-energise democracy. Actually was hard to replicate (diff countries didn’t have the resources to implement fellowships).

Decided to go public and create an open platform that allowed civic hacking project to take place at a local level. 31 Active chapters in the US, Chapters in Japan, Ireland and Poland.

Learnt two things:
Open is always better than closed
Experimentation is ALWAYS a good thing (why would we spread ourselves with OS demand when we were so new, but it was what we NEEDED to do).

If you want to start a chapter (Hey Oz!) go here

Slides below:

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