How to Apply Lean Startup in Asia-and Win the Emerging Global Startup Wars

Kevin Dewalt talking about growth in Asia.

Asia is a bigger faster market.You need to care about Asia or you risk getting crushed.
Lean Startup and Customer Development are the same, but the execution is different.
You need to worry about this when you start thinking about product market fit, and you decide where your growth is coming from. Assume you know nothing about the market you are going into (mistake of many US companies).
Get local partners – find local lean startup experts and get advice.

What works in Silicon Valley doesn’t work everywhere:
- In the SV we talk about problems openly. Asian customers: “We have NO problems!”. You need to talk about trends and ideas (what their competitors are doing, bring them valuable information)
- In SV we have a language for strategies (MVP). Problem is they don’t always translate well. eg. MVP was understood to be about basketball. Use.”Let’s build something small first”
- In SV the best should win. But in Asia relationships (sometimes) trump value. Don;t be a company that tries to take something out of a market, GIVE something back.

There are no borders on the app store. Asia is the greatest threat opportunity. Simply being a part of lean startup community you have the opportunity to profit from these opportunities.

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