Acquiring Your First Users Out of Thin Air

Kathryn Minshew @KMin from THE MUSE.

You can’t build and hope they will come.

Five Zero cost strategies to get your first customers

- Design the first user experience
If you don’t get this right it’s hard to make anything else matter. What are users thinking in the first 2 seconds? Do you make them want to know more?

Ask for word of mouth (but make it easy)
- Everyone would be familiar with emails that ask for a lot of your time but have no call to action. Don’t make people wade through stuff to get to the point. Write out sample tweets/FB posts and get people to copy and paste.

Seek out like-minded groups
- Look for people who have self-organised around a topic that relates to your product. They also give great feedback.

Know how to approach bloggers and reporters
Concentrate in the right people (start small, target appropriately). NY Times and Good morning America aren’t the right choice for small, new companies that are still refining your product. Tell stories – describe it in terms of a hero (what are you solving?)
- Be concise
- Relate your story to trends
- Understand reporters are human too (not story machines) Treat them professionally

Becoming your own PR machine
There are so many blogs and content places out there looking for good content. We offered pieces for publication around topics of interest for their readers and built up from there – eventually came to write for Forbes.

You need to get laser-focussed on who your initial users are and go from there.

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